Weekly In-Home Personal Chef Service. Relax and enjoy spending your time, doing things you love to do. Let me do what I love to do, prepare fresh nourishing meals to support your mind, body and spirit. I will create for you a customized menu for your approval each week.

Hand-pick the finest quality local ingredients for your meals.

Spend approximately 4 hours in your home preparing your meals. Neatly package, store and label each meal for your ease. Clean-up your kitchen as I found it or better. Leave your fridge full of freshly prepared, high quality, personalized meals.


4 entrees portioned into 4, for $225

4 entrees portioned into 3, for $200 

4 entrees portioned into 2, for $175 

All of this for the cost of your groceries! 

Leaving you with a fridge full of freshly prepared,

High-quality, custom meals.

Dinner Parties and Special Occasions. I will take care of everything, giving you peace of mind and most importantly time to enjoy your dinner guest. We will create a custom menu, procure the ingredients, cook, serve and clean. I will bring my talent, skills and joy to you table side. Bringing only the best quality of food, service and life.

To begin planning your next dinner party, give me a call, 602-413-2255 or fill out the contact form below for a  prompt email reply.

Corporate Wellness and Retreats.  Encourage a real lunch break with in office meal services. If employees have the ability to set aside time to eat, they might be more mindful of their food, as well as time to reset and recharge in the middle of the day, increasing productivity, focus and happiness.

Also, if you have an upcoming workshop or retreat and would love to have a specially prepare menu for your program. I am happy to create, plan, prepare foods that support your workshop intention and participants. Inspire, support and nurture you clients with Sacred Song Food.


Give me a call, 602-299-2252 or fill out the contact form below for a  prompt email reply.

Other packages and services available. I am happy to answer questions and honor requests!

Service Area: North Central Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale. If you are out side my service area, give me a call to see what we can do!