Hi Friends,

Thank you all for your kind words, well wishes and congratulations.  I am truly blessed.

I do need your support. I am looking for referrals to my ideal clients to build my Personal Chef business.

I have stepped into a new chapter in my life, completing my marriage, being on my own, providing for myself, and pursuing my passion.

It has been an amazing journey.

And then…. the summer slowdown hit. Business is much slower than I had anticipated or planned for. If you could take a moment, and reflect on who you might know that would be delighted with a Personal Chef Service, that would be a big help.

My ideal clients are busy Entrepreneurs and Executives.

Who do you know who is a busy Entrepreneur?

Who do you know who is a busy Executive?

Here’s what I provide & why they’ll love me…I take the drama out of dinner, and leave them with a fridge full of freshly prepared, high-quality, nourishing meals.

Imagine arriving home after a long busy day at the office. You’re tired, maybe even exhausted. Your brain say’s, “cook something healthy”, your body says, “screw that, I’m tired and hungry now.” So you compromise and eat anything you can get your hands on that’s fast, or cook something less desirable or less healthy that takes no time, or spend money on dining out. Right?

What you want to do is simply come home, open the fridge and see 1, 2, or 3 of your favorite freshly prepared delicious healthy meals waiting for you. You want to let your taste buds pick the one that calls to you, heat it, and eat it in minutes.

No fuss, no muss.

That is what I offer busy Execs and Entrepreneurs or others with hectic lives. No meal planning. No shopping. No cooking. No stress!

My clients simply relax and enjoy a delicious healthy meal each and every evening and have more time to do the things that rejuvenate them.

If you know someone that might be a good referral for me, you can send both of us an email message to introduce us, or you can give me a call, or send me a message and I will happily follow up with your friend.  Emily 602-413- 2255 or chef@sacredsongfood.com

Thank you.

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